The heart of India and Indian culture lies in the villages. SOIL is a representation and indulgence of travellers to soulful rural destinations with stay and engagement with local families and people. Be a part of the village life for few days, practice their daily chores and sweat around with activities of local kids, play games with them, be in the field and if you wish practice the hands on farming. Cook and dine with the families, celebrate with rustic music and ethnic songs learn local art & craft and some local dialect & folklores. It`s a take away tour after which you will be induced with some learning which you can practice anywhere.


Impact You Make Through Rural Tours

Environment - You can enjoy rustic yet pure India. Clean air, clean water, innocent people, organic food and simple living is what defines rural India. Your appreciations and engagements ensure villagers practice pollution free practices and save the environment. 

Community Driven & Sustainable Tourism – Rural tours support villagers with an add on to their income and also supporting the families. It paves a way to development of a village.

Preserves Ethnic Cultures – When you visit a village and experience the local culture and lifestyles, it motivates the local villagers and prompts them to preserve what is ethnic.

Eco Tourism – From Farming to dairy practices, everything that we do in a village is a Eco- Tourism.

Generates Employment & Stops Migration – Rural tours provide employment opportunities, thus giving a reason to the villagers not to migrate to the city. It generates employment across all levels. 

Education – Your visit to the villages could provide a learning and informative experience to villagers too. They learn from you, pick your words, understand different segment & strata of people living in this world. And of course, when you engage yourself in community driven education charity, you are a teacher for many.



Village Tours in a Day


Weaver`s Village Understanding Lost Craft - Rs. 4000 per person - 3 Hours

Varanasi silk saree weavers economic condition is a matter of concern and with modernazation, the handloom art is dying. Visit Sarai Mohana, a village which Taj Group of Hotels supported by buying their staff uniforms from weaver community of this village. The village is a must visit place for those who want to peep into weavers life and experience their habitat. 

Farming Rs. 4000 per person - 3 Hours 

Ploughing, sowing seeds, cattle grazing, dairy farming, sustainable farming techniques, cooking food and dining with a local rural family. Learn it all and be a part of rustic Varanasi village Kapildhara.


Pickles and Papad Making Rs. 3000 per person - 3 Hours

Learn tastefully recipe of pickles and papads from local women and carry back some for your friends and relatives. There are many women near Varanasi village who support the city requirement of papads and pickles. 


Cooking Classes With Rural Family Rs. 4000 per person - 3 Hours

Meet and spend quality time with rural family learning eco friendly cooking methods and get some cooking lessons of sumptuous local dishes, relish them over Lunch or Dinner. The village of Madarwa, 3 kms from Varanasi awaits you.


Rural Games Rs. 4000 per person - 3 Hours

Play with Kids and local men and enjoy sports like Gilli Danda, kabaddi, Kho Kho, Volleyball, Cricket, Kite Flying, Kushti.


Workshops Rs. 4000 per person - 3 Hours

From Yoga to local handicrafts, Photography, Cycling, Boating, Fishing, Fitness Boots and Camping, Local folk dance and music classes, Trekking, do it all with gravitas. Send us your interest and we will plan a village itinerary of any of the mentioned activities near Varanasi and also in other parts of India.


Relax and Rejuvenate in Villages Rs. 5000 per person - 3 Hours

Praying and meditation in peaceful temples, tree climbing, Musical evenings, Dinner over bonfire and many more relaxing activities. Just let us know and we will plan it out in varanasi and also in other parts of India. 


 Nature Exploration Rs. 6000 per person - 1 Day


Explore Old Cave paintings, Dams, Hills, Waterfalls & Springs, Walk in the forest, walk around the farmland, explore the hill side. You can do it all in Goa. Experience the naturally blissed Lakhaniyadari 40kms from Varanasi.


Teaching in School Rs. 3000 per person - 2 Hours

Be a teacher and life long mentor, attend a school and sit with local students or take teaching assignments, foster your contribution to the society for a sustainable future. Its time for back to basics. Varanasi village schools awaits your gracious visit. 


Village Experiences with Home Stay


Varanasi Betwar Rural Stay & Tour: 6 Days

Rs. 80000 per person (1260$)

Located at around 18 Kms from Varanasi on the route to Chunar fort, Betwar is a wonderful lush green village where you can see organic farming being practiced. It also has got a home stay right in the mid of farm lands with no neighbours. Its serene, scenic and a great place to enjoy village life. You can walk around to Ganges as it is only 700 metres away from the Home stay. The dairy farming, vegetables garden, flower gardens, farmers and peace, you will find everything here in the same premise. Enjoy learning yoga, cooking local food, playing local sports, riding  a boat in Ganges, kite flying, farming, dairy farming, making cow dung cakes, pickles, local art & craft and many more activities which will give you a learning experience by the time tour ends. Detox yourself from city life. And yes, you can also enjoy Varanasi city tour on fewer days so that you are right there updated with visiting places rated high on Trip Advisor too. But overall, it will be a raw village experience.

The Home stay will be comfortable and rooms will be equipped with all amenities and requirements for your comfort. We understand after sweating your way out in the farms, you need a sound sleep.

Day 1 – Varanasi City - Ganges and ghats tour, Sadhus, shrines & temples, Mukti Dham (place where people come and wait in Varanasi to die), Magical lanes & alleys, Cremation ghat, Classical music for soulful experience, evening aarti.

Day 2 – Yoga in Village, Depart to Sarnath, Monastery, Museum and monks.

Day 3 – Yoga, vegetables farming and plucking, learn local cooking, visit to a local school and spend day with rural kids, learn flute in evening.

Day 4 – Yoga, Morning bicycle tour to Ganges, Boat ride, engagement with local villagers, practice local farming, learn local pickle making, learn dairy farming methods, learn flute in evening.

Day 5 – Yoga, visit to Chunar Fort, visit to Village market, cooking classes for local desserts, spend day with villagers, flute classes in evening.

Day 6 – Yoga, local village tours on bi-cycle, interaction with families understanding caste system and their challenges, lunch with local family.


 Inclusions: Village Home Stay, all 3 meals, Local transportation, Activities, Guide charges.


Varanasi Rural Stay - Gahira Village

Rs. 60000 per person (950 $)

Located at around 50 Kms from Varanasi on the route to Jaunpur, Gahira is an extreme rural area. It has got a home stay with local family right in the mid of farm lands under a 250 year old Banyan Tree. Its serene, scenic and a great place to enjoy village life. Your stay will be with Rajput family, a clan known for their bravery and royal lifestyle. The place has rich history of evolution and you can visit local villages nearby. The place has got all traditional rural activities happening around and your hosts know every corner of the place to let you experience numerous rural activities. Understand the history, caste system, farming techniques practiced, challenges, interact with villagers, be a part of the free education imparted by local Rajput family in charity for development of village, enjoy bike rides and local bullock cart rides. You get it all what a real village in India truly means.

The Home stay with family will be comfortable and rooms will be equipped with all amenities and requirements for your comfort.

Day 1 – Depart from Varanasi to Gahira Village, take blessing of the local Goddess, enjoy meals and interaction with the family, and understand history of family and the villages around. 

Day 2 – Morning exercise, cycle/bike ride of village area, visit local school and teach English to kids, interaction with local farmers, learn local cuisine with cooking classes. 

Day 3 – Perform farming activities, experience local sports and games, learn local art & craft, dairy farming, bid farewell to the family and depart to Varanasi city by evening, visit Lamhi village on the way. 

Inclusions: Village Home Stay, all 3 meals, Local transportation, Activities, Guide charges.